ANOTHER Blasian Relationship in MKX??? (#AMBW)

Ladies and gents of the Narrative, I want to take you into a world where apparently, all the Black girls only go for Asian guys.

And yes, I know...hordes of white MK fans are always jump to say so-and-so is not "Black" or "Asian", but from [insert realm here], but come on...we know where the designers are going with some of these non-human characters.  Rain's facial features in MKX immediately made me think, "Pretty Asian guy...dressed like something out of a trendy historical drama."

Now, I know I'm obsessed with MK, and quite frankly, IDGAF.  This franchise, which has disappointed the ever-living shite out of some of its fans since MK9, really sought redemption this year.  After initially whitewashing the Villainess Chic Tanya in story mode (see below), they actually delayed her release to properly darken her skin (see right) due to fan uproar.

Skip the first five minutes of this one:

Now...when I saw this storyline, I assumed Tanya and Rain might have something going on; from the characters' perspective, it would be logical to choose each other.  He's sort of Edenian royalty, she's Edenian nobility, and they're both fighting to free themselves from Outworld rule. But that's precisely while I used relationship in the title instead of romance. After all, this is Tanya we're talking about.

Mm-hm...a leopardess can't change her spots.

MKX is really spoiling me; I'd be so down for a live-action film right now, so long it was a faithful adaptation of the last two games (sans the emphasis on the Cage family, whom MK fans really don't care about).  I'd really like see who'd be cast as Jacqui Briggs, Takahashi Takeda, Tanya (Facebook page this time), and Rain, and I'm really interested in the Tanya/Rain coupling because you already know these two are pretty cold-blooded cutthroats...in every sense of the world.

And now for a few pics.  Click any to enlarge.

Why couldn't he have worn this outfit in story mode?????

And for those of you who prefer the characters cut out so you can download and do what you will:

Outfit aside, Tanya's got a good taste.

...Aaaaaand check out Tanya's cute little cartwheel on the select screen:

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