The Narrative Bids Huy Le Farewell

As you've noticed, a lot of our writers have been really busy lately and unable to blog like before.  Huy Le in particular extends his regrets because becoming a new father over the past couple of years has been exhausting (he says he's "aged ten years"), and so he's formally bowing out (with the hope to return in the future).

By the way, he's been periodically sending me pictures of his tiny human and I gotta say...Baby Button grows more adorable each day, a testament to why you Blasians need to get out there and breed more!

In the meantime, if you are or know any Asian male writer who would like to nab Huy's spot here at the Narrative, let us know!  Since we can't post NSFW vids anymore (*sniff*) a sex/intimacy writer would be a very welcome addition....

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