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A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Seoul Jazz Festival in Seoul's Olympic Park. It was a great day to be outside, enjoy the weather and kick back to some jazz. The three day event brought some big Jazz names to this small, but larger than life country. I attended two day as the tickets were not cheap, but I am so glad that I decided to go. Jazz grew out of the African American community and has become one of of the most popular crossover musical art forms in the world. It was surprising to see such diversity in the performances. There were so many performance including the legnd Herbie Hancock, Tamia, Beenzino (which is jazzy I guess), EPIK High, Jose James, Sergio Mendez, and Mika. However, I'll just highlight a few artists that I particularly enjoyed.

Roy Kim

I had heard of him before, but I was not too familiar with his sound. I also thought, maybe he's more KPop than jazz, but I was pleasantly surprised. After watching him perform, I am now a fan. His style is very unique, its kind of a cross between blue grass, country, jazz, and pop. He is Korean, but he grew up in Canada and the states (North Carolina; you can hear the southerness in his music) and now attends Georgetown University.

Koo Bonam Band

This was a real jazz band...they were really smooth and funky and I really liked them especially the guy on the acoustic guitar. Most of the time when I think of jazz, I don't think of four Korean guys delivering it the way this band did.

Gregory Porter

You wouldn't believe that he is only forty-three years old by his incredibly vintage sound. He is definitely a legend in the makign and I am glad I got to witness his greatness. His songs take you into the realness of jazz. He takes you so deep you don't want to come out. Songs with lyrics like "I will not commit to musical genocide" let you know what kind of music you're going to get from him. I enjoyed him because I felt transported to another world. This is the kind of jazz the old heads speak about, the kind of jazz you play on a record on Saturday with all the windows open while sipping on some lemonade.

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  1. Mr. Porter is a Unique talent. I have two of his albums and I love them both. His style captures the cool that rose to prominence during the 60's. I’m put in the mind of certain Modernesque 60’s spoof/farce-type comedies that highlighted jazz as part of their sound tracks. Our Man Flint has a wonderful (Bouillabaisse Scene) that’s reminiscent of Porter’s Pretty (off his Water Album).

    I listen to an array of jazz, from traditional to fusion. I’m partial to piano jazz seasoned with a generous portion of Saxophone. Among the artists in my collection are (naturally Gregory Porter): Including, but not limited to:

    The Yellowjackets (My favorite band)
    Spyro Gyra
    Omar Sosa
    Marcus Miller
    Snarky Puppy
    Kenny Garrett
    Jeff Lorber
    Tia Fuller
    Chris Dave
    Chantae Cann
    Walter Smith III
    Kevin Hayden
    Jerry Leonide
    Scott Kinsey
    Robert Glasper
    Cassandra Wilson
    Gary Willis
    Billy Cobham
    Justin Kauflin


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