This is (still) an AMBW blog

After five years, a new website launch, and a bunch of new friends on Facebook, it seems time for a new mission statement.

The Blasian Narrative is now an audio, visual, and literary platform for Asian men and Black women.


If you visited the website, you probably heard music playing.  Our hope is to promote tracks on a weekly basis from artists in the AMBW scene (yes...we know the inaugural track doesn't count, but it was sexy so we went with it).  If you are a musician, vocalist, singer-songwriter who's a part of the AMBW scene, feel free to contact us and let us know which track you'd like us to feature.


We have a YouTube channel now, and so many plans for it.  In addition to vlogging, we hope artists who feature AMBW couples in their videos (whether music, webisode, or short film) will grant us permission to feature their work on our channel.


The blog soldiers on.  Can't abandon our roots, after all!  We intend to continue blogging about our lives, this world, and hopefully interview many more artists to come.

So if you're new, introduce yourself and let us get to know you.  You can comment below with either the LiveFyre App, or with our OpenID comment box.

Just remember: Think Forward!

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