2PM Concert

This is for you KPop lovers! A couple of weeks ago I went to the 2PM concert "House Party" in Seoul. I'm a fan of KPop and I know some of you are too. However, I like grown up KPop, if that's even a real thing. Anyway, 2PM delivered a great concert. I don't always consider them KPop - sometimes more R&B especially with songs like "I'm Your Man" and "A.D.T.O.Y". Their image has always been branded as tough, masculine, and macho compared to other KPop groups who are marketed as "pretty boys".  My students love the cutie, pretty boy idols and they just look like girls to me.

Back to 2PM...their fifth album No. 5 continues to showcase the adult side of the group. With songs like "Red", "Not the Only One" and "Good Man", the concert had a steamy edge leaving the group's unprepared fans a little taken aback. While performing "Good Man" (written by the youngest member Chansung) they were caressing women on chairs and getting freaky on beds. You could hear the audience get a little uneasy. I was very pleased! Their fan base known as "The Hottest" were the only ones allowed in the standing area, so they had the best view of the performance and they didn't seem too happy with the grown and sexiness on the stage. They seemed to be shocked to the point of silence. Perhaps they were a little disappointed it wasn't them on the bed with Taecyeon. HA!

Anyway, check out their new album No.5 and also check out the YouTube videos showing their houses to go along with the title track "Our House" written by my favorite member and group leader Jun K. Also check out one my 2PM favorites "A.D.T.O.Y" from their 2013 album Grown.



  1. However, I like grown up KPop, if that's even a real thing.

    Girl, I feel you. Back in the day when we were still on LiveJournal and we were fangirling some of these guys pretty hard, 2PM always stuck out to me as the most "adult". Even their style of music/lyricism is distinctively set apart from other KPop idols.

    1. Yes!!! I felt like a teenager at their concert. Lol!


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