Getting ready for Daniel Wu this fall

Do I think Daniel Wu is a fine, sink-your-teeth-intoable specimen of man?  Of course.  Am I eager to see him play the tattooed, bike-riding, sword-swinging "Sunny" this fall in Into the Badlands?  Hecks, yeah.

Do I have some concerns after watching the trailer I'm about to share?  You betcha!

Pop quiz: what do you notice about this trailer? Go ahead and sound off below; comments have been restored, but strict moderation will be in play.

Here's what I noticed:

#1 - Once again we have a person of color leading a cast, and they are straight up drowning in white folks.

Over on The Black Girls Club, we have a running feature called "Black Girls' Night Out" where we recap shows with Black women and encourage discussions.  The trailer for Into the Badlands reminded me of some criticisms I leveled against ABC's Scandal; for example, after Season 2 - the most successful season of the entire series, mind you - the emphasis slowly drifted away from the Black lead Olivia Pope, and increasingly gravitated more towards the white characters on the show.  Not to mention, there seemed to be an excuse to add new white characters to the show each season, while characters of color - Olivia herself included - were slowly being phased out.

It was like the Powers that Be were constantly compensating (or apologizing) for casting a POC in the lead, thus letting us know that even if we do get a POC-led show, it's not without a price (thankfully, however, the boy Sunny travels with is Aramis Knight, a mixie of East Indian and Pakistani descent).

#2 - Once again, we have an AMBW romance that seems too fragile to get vested in, with Veil - Daniel Wu's intended - being in the trailer for all of a second.

Remind you of anything?

I remember that the only reason I wanted to see Ninja Assassin was that I read somewhere Naomie Harris was in it as a lead. The trailers weren't letting me know she was a lead; the trailers were too busying trying to minimize her presence as much as humanly possible.

Seriously? It's 2015 - six years after Ninja Assassin - and we're still dealing with this shit?
Mantock will play Veil, a beautiful and skilled doctor who is Sunny’s lover. Veil specializes in making prosthetic limbs for Clippers (an assassin group) who have lost their real ones. (Source)
Madeleine Mantock
Here are my predictions: One - Veil not Sunny's "true" love.  There are six scheduled episodes; we'll probably actually see her in one, and maybe hear about her in another (despite IMDB listing her in all six).  Veil's probably the flashback ex Sunny's moving on from, so he'll either end up alone or with some white chick (but most likely alone).

Unlike with Ninja Assassin, we do see these two kiss (in the trailer, while he's shirtless and sweaty, no less), but I doubt they'll get a sex scene.  Some I'mma need the fanfic writers to roll up their sleeves and prepare to get shit done.

Prediction Two - Veil is Sunny's true love, but not a main character (seeing as the trailer established their love as forbidden.  Why is Blasian love always so forbidden????)  Reread the rest of Prediction One.

Other than these concerns, I'm stoked (though y'all may notice some other ish).  I'm really eager for November now especially since it's July in Houston and hot as hell.  I want to see that kiss scene in its entirety.

It better end with some sex.


  1. What the hell are we even gonna call this couple??? #Sveil? #Vunny?

  2. You know I saw this and was excited and then I did some checking and not so much anymore. Daniel is a gorgeous man and Madeleine is a beautiful woman. But another middle age guy paired with a young woman? There are plenty of women of color closer to his age (40) that are still fierce and fine. I know its a man's fantasy to date a younger woman, but why aren't the roles ever reversed.

    As far as sex scene I can pass. I get sick of women of color being the f*ck toys while white women get the "honor" of marrying the character.

    I'll watch the show to see the first couple of episodes, but I'm not holding my breath about these two. I'm guessing the character of Veil won't be around if there is a second season IF she lasts through the first one.

    1. But another middle age guy paired with a young woman? There are plenty of women of color closer to his age (40) that are still fierce and fine.

      An excellent point I missed. I didn't even know he was 40.

      As far as sex scene I can pass. I get sick of women of color being the f*ck toys while white women get the "honor" of marrying the character.

      We did see a similar dynamic in Twisted, which was a main reason why it was a fail.

      I want the sex scene, because that's mainly what I'll watch why I dismiss the other ish like it's not even there, but you are on point with this trend of "bang the black girl until you can land a white one" that we're seeing in media.

    2. *while I dismiss the other ish

    3. Don't get me wrong I'm glad two POC are cast and one is the lead (though you see more of the whites then him). The fact that we only see her for two seconds kind of lets you know where its headed...NOWHERE!

      And the age thing just reminds me of what Maggie Gyllenhaal said about being told that at 37; she was too old to play the love interest of a 55 year old man. If they go from the standpoint that she is young (say early 20s) and they have had the hots for years. How old was she when he started feeling this way. It just gets creepy.

    4. So creepy. More Hollywood actresses need to speak out about that ish.

  3. While this is a cooking show it stars an Asian man Ronnie Woo.


    1. Thank you! A handsome Asian man that knows how to cook with love. I'm watching the K-Dramas Oh My Ghostess and Jeju Island Gatsby the chefs in these shows are so handsome.

    2. Make sure you catch the Ayanna and David episode. Why? Its a BLASIAN couple!!!!!!!! I turned in while flipping channels because I love her hair. Then I waited around to see the boyfriend (I caught the last 10 minutes) and was shocked that he was Asian. A gorgeous couple.

  4. I'm tired of the mainstream media using its platform to degrade Black women. That's why I'm please to see more AMBW indie films on Youtube. The only time I felt that mainstream media sort of gave AMBW a chance was on Fast Forward with Gabrielle Union and John Cho. I was giving ABC's Fresh Off The Boat a chance until the negative Chinese Jamaican theme episode. I can only take so much racism on TV before I tune out and watch K-Dramas on Drama Fever. One of my favorite AMBW indie film is Akria's Hip-Hop Shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gP6MNfUMYY Also I love this scene in Ninja Assassin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAbgZQ5D2EM At least in these films the AMBW relationships are realistic and meaningful. Even though Ninja Assassin was missing a few kissing scenes and a love scene.

    1. I like Akira's Hip-Hop Shop, but I didn't love it. I want to see a relationship that is like real life. People dealing with stuff like bills, worried about their jobs, kids. Of course you can't even find that among same race couples anymore.

    2. I liked AHHS as well, but also to a point. The story seemed repetitive in that it's main theme was people not accepting/not knowing/being shocked by the AMBW romance. I do give the director credit 'cause he based off two friends of his, but we need a new plot.

      Show us the day in the life of an AMBW couple struggling a specific issue - waiting to find out if they're pregnant, loss of a job, kid fallen ill, dealing with the possibility of having to relocate somewhere - something.

    3. Exactly!

      Also did you know about THIS?!?!?! http://www.koogle.tv/media/news/americas-next-top-model-casts-first-korean-american-model/


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