Korean Movie Review: Twenty

The movie Twenty starring Kim WooBin, Lee JunHo (2PM), and Kang HaNeul is not your typical Korean young adult movie. It was released in March and before watching it a few weekends ago, I thought it was just the typical Korean coming of age story. My students, who are in middle school (ages 13-15, more so the 15 year olds) were raving about how they wanted to see it. I wanted to see it too, shamelessly only because of Kim WooBin. However, I never got the chance to watch it in the theatre. While watching online in the privacy of my own home, I kept saying to myself "my students better not have watched this". Although it has an age rating of 15 in Korea, its definitely not for kids. With that said, I loved it. It's about sex, sex, sex, finding yourself, and sex. The main thing this movies tries to teach us is that twenty year old guys in Korea have suppressed their sexual urges for far too long. Ok, ok, there's actually more to the movie so, if you haven't already, check it out on DramaFever or DramaCool and let me know your thoughts.

ChiHo (Woobin) is an unemployed self proclaimed player. I'm biased because I love Woobin, but he is a really good actor and not new to kissing scenes. In this film he uses expressions that just solidified his "bad boy"actor status. In one scene when he's driving and sees a beautiful girl standing at the crosswalk he exclaims "Ohh Shiiittt". There is also a line in the movie that will have your head spinning and asking "Wait, did he just say that? Yes, he did just say what I thought he said". When you hear that line write me a note. HAHA!!

Gyung-Jae (Kang Haneul) is the dork or nerd of the group. This guy is so adorable. He is kind of in Chi-Ho's shadow until he goes to college and meets what he thinks is the girl of his dreams. He has a masturbation scene that is more hilarious and sad than anything else. His character is pretty pathetic, but in a very lovable kind of way. I just wanted to hug him.

Dong-Woo (Lee Joon-Ho) is an aspiring comic artist. He wants to have sex really bad, but he has a lot of other things to worry about. He works several part-time jobs because his family's financial situation drastically changed. His story line is the weakest, I think, but he's still very good in the movie. And Junho is such a cutie so he's definitely an asset to the film.


  1. Is there a place where we can watch this online?

    1. You can watch it on DramaFever or DramaCool (my fave). I'm sure its on many of the Korean drama and movie sites.

    2. Now...when you say it's sex, sex, sex....

    3. Not actually having sex...always talking about it! HAHAHA girl......
      Gangnam Blues 1970 with Lee Minho had a lot of sex...intercourse. That movies was ummmmm...tipping the scale at porn.

  2. I watched this on Dramafever, it sort of reminds me of American Pie but with college students and no nudity. I could not believe that pick up line WooBin's character used worked on women! So ridiculously funny. Overall an entertaining summer movie.


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