Reunited, or the Blasian Brangelina (#Kavan #Tut)

Like...how much of this was actually part of the script?

Excuse me, but does anyone else feel like the whole purpose of Tut (2015) is to miscast the ancient African king and reunite Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury, thereby correcting all that went wrong in Twisted?  Like, SpikeTV is really trying to keep some stuff under wraps, but from the official trailer and other clips, these two not only get to share kisses, but an actual sex scene as well (that's right y'all; AMBW's movin' up in the world...or at least, trying to...).

Like, I get that these two are supposedly seeing other people in real life, but come on...we've seen a dynamic like this play out before. How many of you think they're getting it on in real life? How many you think it's temporary? How many of you think this is just "how it will end"?

We once dubbed Trish (*sniff*) and Han the King and Queen of AMBW, while Raizo and Mika were like the Prince and Princess. However, if these two got married in real life, they'd automatically become the Emperor and Empress.

Since pretty much everyone else in the series is racially miscast, we're just going to focus (mainly) on Suhad's media.

*blink*  I'm just sayin' though.


  1. Thank you, thank you for putting these two back together. Even in this horribly miscast production, I am excited to watch this.

    1. You know this show hasn't aired yet and people are already writing #Tuhad fanfiction??? Seriously!

      Someone at SpikeTV was smart, very smart. They saw the bullshit that went down on Twisted and figured they could capitalize on the Avan/Kylie fandom.

      *blink* Damn, they were right. I don't want to watch this, but we all know I will.

    2. Already? Wow.
      I'll watch this too, even though I didn't watch Twisted.

  2. Wow, the fandom is ready haha.

  3. Well I think that Han and Trish are Emperor and Empress because they did the movie " back in the time" when it was unusual to have an Asian and Black couple on screen, but i saw Avan and Kylie in Twisted too and i thought the same like you... I really wish they were a couple or that do more series/films together as a couple...


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