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"And let's just say it: between the collective membership of Quest Crew, Super Cr3w, Kinjaz, We Are Heroes and I.aM.mE Crew, ABDC is the show with the most Asians on TV right now. No joke." -AngryAsianMan.com (original post)

This article was shared by the Blasian Narrative facebook a while ago and while a great read, made me think about how much time has passed and how much hasn't changed between America's Best Dance Crew now and its humble debut in 2008.

I still remember when it debut, that the stage for the show wasn't even complete yet but there was an immense amount of promise. The frontrunners would be Asiatic for almost every season to date which contrasted every other programming during its run as far as representation for the Asian-American community.

With the show returning for an eighth season (and possibly a 9th depending on ratings), its great that ABDC showcases a great if not majority representation of Asian-Americans though its discouraging that much hasn't changed anywhere else.

I came across a NPR article detailing shows based on or dealing with Asians and outside the recent Fresh Off The Boat series (which is great if you haven't viewed it yet) and Margaret Cho's All
American Girl, it is extremely scarce in TV land both currently and historically.

While I do appreciate the exposure shows like ABDC and FOTB provide, unless the viewership and support of the show is consistent and large, the pattern of lackluster and lacking representation will continue.

In a slightly happier note, this season is on par as one of the greats with champion crews of Season 2's Super Cr3w, Season 3's Quest Crew, Season 4's We Are Heroes, Season 6's i.aM.mE, Season 7's Elektrolytes, and newcomers Kinjaz (sorry no JabbaWockeeZ or Poreotix). The stage actually makes sense, the camera cuts are bearable, and the judges are so so. Personal suggestion should be they bring Mario Lopez back as the host though. All in all, I don't know who I'm rooting for honestly and that's a good thing.

What do you think? Do you agree? And who are you rooting for?

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  1. I've never watched it (though I think I did briefly saw an episode when I was in the Caribbean a long while ago) but I'll give it a try! Sounds really cool.

  2. I will be on the lookout for these shows cause most I have never heard of, but since I'm moving I will have cable again hallelujah! so I'll keep my eyes open!

  3. I was originally rooting for We Are Heroes until I noticed only 3 of the original members were back and their dancing was way off.

    In the meantime, I can't stop being in awe of Kinjaz. They are on point. From their name to their intros to their moves to their costumes...talk about a flawless victory. However, I can't say their victory is guaranteed because Super Crew is straight deadly this season. In the pilot they dropped a routine no other crew lived up to.

    I don't know WTF happened with Quest Crew. I'm disappointed, to be honest; they're nowhere near as crazy/funny/imaginative as they were the first time on the show. They look tired, and Kevin needs to shave that goddamn beard.

  4. I'm not sure whether to pitch this as a potential article, but I read a Wordpress post written by a Hapa (Asian mother, white father) guy, in which he blatantly denounces his mother's pursuit of whiteness, claiming that even though she wanted nothing to do with Asian men--and hoped to create beautiful Eurasian kids by procreating with a white man--she gave birth to two visibly Asian males and lacked the ability to instill self-love in either of them (as did her husband). It's both enlightening and disturbing because he's filled with so much loathing towards himself and his mother, but it's a very good read. Lots of parallels between the isht black women experience with black men dating "out" at an alarming rate and giving birth to mixed children they aren't equipped to help navigate in a racist world.


    1. Ive read this blog and it is an interesting read.I also put hin on my list of "to read" list.

      You can since his anger and understandably so. I dont know what make some folks think that just because you have a mixed race kid that your they will be pretty and or/light complexioned. Some of my relatives are like this and they really irritate me when they do it.

    2. Typo. Last line,I meant to say "they really irritate me when they put more praise in their lighter skinned relative and/or worry about the complexion of a baby instead of their health".Shame.

  5. Yeah, I posted his work on our Facebook a while back.


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