#Kinjaz: Steam, Sex, Swag

Featured above: Longkue Lor a.k.a. Bboy VillN
Kinjaz followed Quest, using the bleacher area of the stage for a very smooth performance to "Earned it" by the Weeknd. The precision and sexy moves by the red and black clad crew fit perfectly with the song. These guys are showmen, and got to perform to the crowd. Not a technically difficult routine, but intricate, intimate and precise. Taylor said they gave her "naughty karate" with their moves. Frankie loved that they took the risk of staying in one spot the whole time. T-Pain pointed to a section of the crowd and said that everyone in that spot needed to take pregnancy tests after Kinjaz's sexy routine. (Source)
But it's true, tho!

Kinjaz, in my humble opinion, is the sexiest crew in all of ABDC history. They exude sensual discipline, blending precision with a heady mix of steam, sex, and swag. When you watch them dance, you're drawn into the enigmatic world of their Brotherhood.
We are a band of brothers on a quest to fearlessly explore the depths of our imagination and artistic purpose. With over 30 total members hailing from up and down the coast of California, including individuals who specialize in other skills besides dance, we like to consider ourselves an “Artist’s brotherhood,” and are known for our signature intricate choreography style and creative storytelling through dance and new media. Our shared objective is to cultivate “brotherhood at all costs”, support each other to reach our highest collective potential, and to positively impact the world with our time and abilities in the most fun way possible. We are the movement in the shadows. Respect all…Fear none.
...Which is precisely the reason they're the crew most likely to win this season. Not only are the Kinjaz as talented, athletic, and as entertaining as any elite dance crew, they're also the most interesting crew to grace the ABDC stage since the Jabbawockeez*.

*Yes, yes...I'm aware one of them is an alumnus.


  1. To answer the question of the troll I deleted due to her disrespectful and inflammatory tone...no. No, I do not have a problem with Kinjaz dancing to hip hop and R&B. I don't care that the dancer featured up top is wearing his hair in dreadlocks. Kinjaz respectfully blends African American culture with Asian American culture. Last time I checked, that's what this Narrative is all about.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for discussing appropriation, but the problem I'm consistently running into is that like with all sociological terminology floating up and down the internet, people don't even know what the actual definition of "appropriation" is. They hear a word, project their own opinions onto it, create a definition which suits them best, and then just run with it.

    No. Not here. Not today.

    1. TheSecretNinja2001August 30, 2015 at 10:37 PM

      um...they are nothing short of AWESOME! thanks for posting this. i love everything about them and i'm all here for a respectful blending of cultures.

  2. Never heard of them until just now! OMG. My fascination with Asian men is becoming lust! Lord help me!

  3. I guess the troll is back.

  4. They removed the videos, where can I watch them?

    1. YouTube is the best way to go, but I will try to find new vids to post.

      Sorry Anonymous...you can't posy anonymously here.


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