The future of our species #ThinkForward

The future of our species is beautiful (remember to watch the whole video).


  1. He's quite eloquent on these issues, good video. I've recently read a few articles from a blog about black Brazilians and it was interesting (like the part where it said that Brazil used to be in denial about their racism and it haven't changed much). The guy is your video forgot Brazil...they speak Portuguese not Spanish. But I agree with the colorism thing determining your blackness in Latin America.
    I really appreciated how he talked about one's identity as a Black Latino/Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

    1. Fan Fact:There are also Afro-Portuguese, Portuguese Africans, Luso-Africanos. There are six African countries that are called Lusophone Africa - Portuguese speaking countries. The six African countries are Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe.

  2. Wow..that Jeffrey is a young man beyond his years.

    When he talked about the differences of being Spanish,Hispanic and Latino,it made think about a now defunct talk show where a Blacl Colombian girl struggled with the very thing that Jeffrey discussed in his clip. She insisted that she wasnt "Black" but " Colombian".

    There are some people like this..not knowing any better or just dont want to be Black.The thing about race is that its not concrete.You may go to one country and be Black and go elsewhere and be something else.Nationality-wise,depending on how I look,Im just Black.The Dominican Republic want to send a lot of Haitian/Dominican born and raised haitians back to a land ...in some case , back to land where they are not from.

    The thing that I love most about Jeffrey is that hes real. Hes not trying to downplay who he is and go on to say why he does.Sure,physically he looks mixed and he could use it,but what for? Just like he said,pretending to be something youre not will eventually catch up you in the long run...and will hurt you even more than being truthful.

  3. Jeffery said everything I've been trying to express for years. I'm Jamaican American/ Caribbean American/Maroon Indian - [Chinese, Indian, Panamanian, Jewish-German, Irish, African (Sierra Leone), British, Spanish]. I say I'm Jamaican to acknowledge my parents' birth place. I also call myself American to acknowledge my nationality my official birth place. When people meet my grandmother, they are shock by her appearance because she's Chinese Indian Jamaican. Even though both my parents were born in Jamaica, they look quite different from one another. My mother looks like a dark Indian woman and my father looks like a White man with the perfect tan. Due to Trans Atlantic Slavery Black people and Asian people were spread all over the world. The other day I saw a documentary that proves that Black people (homosaipians) have existed on Earth for over 300,000 years. And non-Black people (neanderthals) have existed on Earth for over 200,000 years. Also non-Black people are direct descents of Black people. Everyday I learn something new about life. Ironically today is Jamaica's 53rd Independence Day!

  4. I watched the whole video, then subscribed to his channel on Youtube. I appreciate the knowledge that was shared.


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