Now Entering the Comfort Zone.... (@ComfortFedoke)

One gripe I do have with the modern hip hop scene is the persistent Negrasure erasure of Black women.  It's like everyone's allowed to participate and be lauded for their work except Black women.  In fact, good luck to us in even finding work in the industry most of the time, because the Powers that Be would like us to believe that sistas don't really rap, dance, or beatbox anymore, and if more than Black woman in the business does push forward and be scene and heard, she gets the Azealia Banks/Telisha Shaw treatment.  Apparently there's a very tiny Negress quota to fill, while for our lighter-hued sisters, the sky's the limit.

Watching Season 8 of America's Best Dance Crew got me thinking.  Does anyone else remember Comfort Fedoke from So You Think You Can Dance?  Is she not a goddess?

Her fans on YouTube are right - she is way too underrated.  I've always loved Comfort's defiance, her edginess, her occasional bouts of tomboyishness, and her flawless ability to just groove and glide with the best of the boys.

I'm just sayin'...Kinjaz need to recruit her as one of their "allies"...you know, like they did Troyboi and the Blacksmith.  She can do a duet with Anthony Lee.


  1. Though I never look at the Emmys/Oscar awards, I read about Viola Davis getting hers. Wow! I'm sooo happy that she not only received this honor, but she became the first Black woman to win in the drama category. After 30 something years of her struggling to be a predominate star, it's paying off. I loved it when Taraji and her hugged each other for the win. I just found that to be so classy and touching and along with that's speech..man. I think that it was the most awesome thing I've seen. It would have been nice if Viola and Taraji could have both won this but I'm glad that at least one of them got it. Through these two, I'm also reminded that Black actresses are not dead. These two women represents great talents..something that no longer exists these days.

    Sadly, I have never watched this show and one of the reasons that I've never watched it are for the very reasons you've mentioned on your post. These so called talents show already have their pick to the point where it's predictable. Their intention are not to let to many Black people win regardless of how talented they may be.

    I remembered a year or two when Waka Flocka Flame mad that stupid remark about how White women were " poppin" these days while Black woman were becoming poppers of the past. I got what he was saying and he's right,but to make it seem like it was a good thing, wasn't. When Grace Jones was asked to do a duo with Lady Gaga, she rejected it and one of these reasons why she said she did was because she felt that if she would have, Lady Gaga would have gotten all of the credit,while she would have been put in the backburner and she could be anymore right about it. That was the problem Waka didn't get...The very things that Black women have always done is now being emulated by White women and they( Black women) are not being rewarded for their stuff.

    1. Their intention are not to let to many Black people win regardless of how talented they may be.

      Pretty much. I watching Season 12 eps on Hulu right now and even though the only dark-skinned sistah was killin' it week after week, she kept getting voted into the bottom.


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