#AMBW Prayers for #ChicagoMed

Let me start by saying I don't know much about the Chicago franchise; I never bothered with Chicago PD or Chicago Fire, and I wasn't going to start with Chicago Med until I saw Brian Tee in a promo pic and quickly confirmed he's a member of the main cast.


Why in the name of the gods has it taken this long for people to realize the value of Asians on TV????  I'll be honest; I was never into ER, I'm over my Scrubs phase (for now), and I've only recently reconnected with Grey's Anatomy, so I wasn't looking for yet ANOTHER medical drama.  But as you can see, the way Brian Tee fills out those maroon scrubs is enough to make a pygmy pause and reconsider.

Now, I like Tee no matter what the hell he's in - the Drift King in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat: Legacy, even as Chow Liang in that Gabby Douglas movie.  To see him cast as Dr. Ethan Choi, a 3rd-year resident and Navy reserve is just a cherry on top.

That being said, my one big beef with his character is the same beef with all the characters of color on this show: he's subordinate to bunch of White people.

To be fair, the show is only two episodes in and the actors are still feeling out their characters.  But we have ONE person of color in charge (S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin, Chief of Services; whom we see only every so often for 5-10 seconds), while the rest take orders from a bunch of cliched, uninteresting White characters...in a city where POC actually outnumber non-Hispanic Whites.

Which is why I hope that Ethan Choi hooks up with April Sexton.

Nurse April Sexton is portrayed by the ethereally beautiful Brazilian-Nigerian model Yaya DaCosta.  There are three fails I've already noted with this character.  1) She's written as a nurse, not a doctor.  2) She doesn't get much screen time. 3) In the most recent episode, the charge nurse Maggie Lockwood (portrayed by the fabulous Marlyne Barrett) is helping to plan a surprise baby shower for one of the doctors.  While speaking to said doctor (a thin, white actress who's supposed to be pregnant on the show but hasn't gained any weight anywhere except her prosthetic belly), Maggie says they're having a "ladies' night" and they need her to come along as a wingwoman for April.

'Cause apparently, April hasn't been on a date in a "loooong" time, and the Powers that Be think she needs a married, white pregnant woman to "lure" the guys in for her.

*blinks* Yeah.

See, that's what clamoring for more "diversity" on TV gets us in 2015 in America.  Moving on to my main point then....

I want Ethan and April to get together.  I hope it's soon, I hope it's beautifully organic and allowed to grow over time without the usual cliched bullshit.  If there is to be one healthy, solid, sane couple on the show, I want it to be them.  I don't want the usual bullshit break-ups, emotional misdirection, and overall soap drama.  I want them to get married by, like, Season 3 in a glamorous Blasian wedding, and I want the show to make la special event out of it, complete with high-def promo pics.

*sips tea*  NBC, make it so.


  1. Gotta check this series out.

    " I hope that Ethan and April gets together".

    Though I've never see this series, it would be a great thing for the pair to hook and god knows..if they do, I'm hoping that it will not be a tug-of-war with married/attached mates. Not only is it overdone but it would be another case of Black women looking like whores. For once , I would like them to be a boy meets girl and all turns out well end kind of love.

  2. Well I know her character is linked to a white character on Chicago Fire. Well she is his ex. And honestly I would like to see his (Brian's) character linked to an Asian woman. Except for FOB and Ken Jeong's show it rarely happens here.

  3. " Well I know her character is linked to a White character on Chicago Fire. Well she his ex."

    No matter what ..someway and somehow..you know that she has to be connected to a White man, I guess to make sure that maybe in the future, they can hook up. Not against mixed relationships,but the concept on TV of BW/WM ais getting old. I would like to see something new.

    I know that Ken Jeong generally acts in comedies but I would like to also play a little in some serious roles not because I don't think he's funny( he is) but he has " dual quality" about himself. I can actually see him do both. For some reason when a comedienne/comedian plays serious a great deal of the do very well with it. I can take Ken very seriously in an non-comedic role.Initially, I thought that he wasn't a comedian..I guess because he a serious looking guy.

    1. Not against mixed relationships,but the concept on TV of BW/WM is getting old. I would like to see something new.

      It took YEARS before you saw the number of BW/WM couples increase to what it is now. I believe the reason is because you have so BW/WM dating and marrying now. TV is finally reflecting that. So if we want to see other combos then we need to be dating and marrying AM/LM/NAM is large numbers. I know it happens in places like Cali, but until you see it elsewhere I wouldn't hold my breath. And as a black woman I would love to see a AM/AW combo that isn't a period piece or comedy.

      And I agree. Comedians do really well playing serious roles. Robin Williams comes to mind. Along with Leslie Nielsen who played an abuse john opposite Barbra Streisand's call girl character. That part messed me up.

  4. I can't wait for them to get together. Hopefully they have lots of love scenes.


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