Autumn Asian Men: Daniel Wu as "Sunny" (#IntotheBadlands)

Why the hell not???

Autumn is free to go.  We have what we need to keep us warm for winter.

I mean, do I really need to even explain/describe/whatever this one?  Daniel Wu has a face that pulls the very breath from your lungs.  Even watching him fight is liking watching the living embodiment of sex.

What else need be said?

Now that we have a little more info, sound off on your predictions for the Sunny/Veil relationship.


  1. I am hoping that they will make it in the end, but I believe that Quinn will meet Veil and want to wife her. This will complicate matters for her and Sunny. I just hope she's not killed off and replaced with a white woman.

    1. I'll vomit if they make her get intimate with Quinn.

      I know Daniel Wu is woke, but I hope he is so woke that he put his foot down on behalf of Veil.

    2. Yuck at Quinn with Veil, indeed...but isn't he supposed to be dying? Well, he still has time to mess around with Sunny but let's hope he won't go that far, especially as there will be no point in marrying someone and die a few months later. And he already has a mistress. But he could kill her.

      I've watched the 2 eps and I really like it so far. I'm curious about Azra...


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